Water treatment

Our team which carries out numerous project activities both in Turkey and abroad is an expert in this field.
• Pre-treatment systems
• Post treatment systems
• Conventional treatment systems
• Sea water treatment / Desalination systems
• Waste water treatment systems

Food and beverage

In food and beverage production facilities, we provide service in accordance with the standards of hygienic material supply and the awareness of the precision requirements of the process.
• Filling lines and booster systems integration
• Integration of dosing systems
• Silo & conveyor systems integration


We  bring  production  to  the  most   accurate   and simple   way    to   follow   with   the   integration   of process   control   and   instrumentation  systems in petrochemical plants.
• Process monitoring
• Storage tank level monitoring
• Optimization according to the production requirements


In recycling facilities, we provide integrated automation solutions in the process from waste sorting to final recycling raw materials.
• Metal, plastic and cardboard press machines
• Waste crushing, screening machines
• Plastic injection machines


In the hospitality sector, we provide software solutions integrated with the quality system, especially building automation and machine rooms.
• Aquapark, pools, pool engine room, dosing systems, heating, lighting and air conditioning systems.
• Laundry (pneumatic systems), fire detection system (sprinkler, detectors), technical maintenance workshop.
• Kitchen (freezer, cold storage room, ozone dosing systems)